Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Top Nintendo Switch Features Over PS4, Xbox One - Part 2

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:07 PM EST

GameNGuide have zeroed in at the foremost feature of Nintendo Switch in part 1 of our article but it's time to move forward with the other features. Nintendo Switch have been a subject of too much speculation, given the secretive nature of the company behind it. At any rate, we ruled out some of the "unrealistic" predictions about the console and focused on the viable features instead.

What could be the biggest draw for Nintendo Switch is its pricing - at least based on intelligent presumptions. WCCFTech reported that Nintendo Switch was flashed in Toy R Us Canada at $245. This price point is lucrative in a sense that PlayStation 4 nor Xbox One doesn't even come near. And about the viability of this pricing, it is a huge possibility given that predecessor Wii U launched at $299.

Apart from the aforementioned lead to Nintendo Switch pricing, the company itself has allegedly placed a teaser, according to Looper. At any rate, games are expecting more detailed announcement regarding Nintendo Switch pricing and bundles come January.

Now to maximize gaming experience and customization based on gaming style, controllers should be tailored as possibly as it can. Nintendo Switch taunts "Joy-Con" which is basically detachable controllers that can either be used with other accessories or attached to the portable monitor. How about the possibility of touch panel? Nintendo Switch may become a tablet, Wii U-like portable and full-pledged console if these can be rolled into one!

Realistically, Nintendo Switch Joy-Con looks like a traditional gaming controller but is compact and handy. Based on the trailer, it sports a four-button layout just like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Yes, it also has a joystick, top button and back button. But didn't we mentioned that Nintendo Switch also offers a full-controller that they dubbed plainly as "Nintendo Switch Pro Controller?"

So we are down dissecting portability, pricing and controller features of Nintendo Switch. Watch put for the third part of our article and we will discuss game titles and and extra features. See you soon.

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