'Super Mario Run' Latest News & Update: Mario Sales Projection Downgrades Steeply at 400%

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:55 PM EST

Projections for "Super Mario Run" have significantly downgraded from its original $60 million outlook for the first month after release. SuperData placed a "more realistic" figure in between $12 to $15 million instead. The said company is the same one who pegged the higher number during the pre-release hype.

SuperData reasoned that "Super Mario Run" could have retained its original projection of $60 million if not for last-minute changes in reference to internet requirement, says NeoGaf user NeoRider. Nintendo made the last-minute announcement that "Super Mario Run" will work under consistent internet connection only. SuperData said that such requirement is a significant game-changer and is "prohibitive" to those with slow internet.

Here is another interesting "Super Mario Run" development, the game was downloaded at least 3.5 million times on iOS Store during launch day. Android version is coming in shortly and an even higher download figure was expected. Remember that SuperData predicted that "Super Mario Run" is going to breach 30 million downloads by end of first month. With always-online requirement, it is a lingering question if that 30 million downloads will stand.

At any rate, "Super Mario Run" is still experiencing an excellent start and expectations rose to possible resurgence by the end of holiday season. SuperData agrees to projections that "Super Mario Run" will make a price drop in its one-time payment fee after December. Currently, "Super Mario Run" is free to play on limited content while the full game is available at $10.

Meanwhile, Apptopia reported that "Super Mario Run" outpaced "Pokemon Go" during its first day by at least 3-times the number of downloads. Come to think of it, "Pokemon Go" reaped 900 thousand downloads during its opening day. "Super Mario Run" on the other hand, has 3.5 million in day one.

Comparing the 2 games from Japan corridor, "Pokemon Go" can be played in full without pay but there is also an indefinite paid version where in-game items are available. On the contrary, "Super Mario Run" offers limited free play while its business model is a one-time payment only.

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