Nintendo Switch Latest News & Update: Nintendo Dropped Graphics Quality Over Portability & Performance

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:09 PM EST

Graphics capabilities of Nintendo Switch is becoming the center of different gaming forum recently. It is apparent that Nintendo Switch doesn't have the same power to that of competition - and gamers know that.

An interesting set of reactions about Nintendo Switch's presumptive "lesser" graphics was listed in gaming forum Escapist. Gamers are trying to weigh the difference with other console albeit illogical comparisons between other devices. Graphics issue was the main topic that rose above others, including battery life and games library of Nintendo Switch.

It is a good point when gamers reasoned that even consoles that sports the best graphics doesn't automatically translate to good reception. Come to think of it, Nintendo Switch is trying to revolutionize gaming by prepping the road to console-less gaming. Meaning, Nintendo Switch is selling the idea of playing a game anywhere.

There is a catch behind this theory if Nintendo Switch is indeed traversing in such plan. The company can't make mistakes here and they need to sell the idea to expecting gamers. Consider it as a make or break for Nintendo Switch. Either gamers embrace portability over nice graphics or they will still prefer the latter.

Also, another point of discussion that surfaced is about Nintendo Switch's overall performance. This criterion is much deeper argument compared to graphics alone, Polygon said. Further, a console or portable gaming device that makes game developers have a hard time porting their games is sure to flop.

Yes, Nintendo Switch have set themselves in a tough situation by possible limitation to 1080p resolution. But hey, a majority of current generation of gamers are still on 1080p anyway so Nintendo still has a good fight. And here is another good point, what if Nintendo Switch allow extensive mods in their games? It is also an enticing element to convince the gaming world.

Lastly, top games like "Overwatch" and "Counter Strike: GO" are running on low resolutions and yet, gamers are embracing them. Could Nintendo Switch bank on same hope that gamers will buy the idea of performance, game quality over graphics?

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