Batman Arkham Release Date, News & Update: Damian Wayne Release Date Will Be Revealed Soon, Full Development Ongoing

By zekiah , Updated Dec 19, 2016 07:13 PM EST

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes of all time. His name enough to take a movie to the next level and assure huge sales. But that hasn't been the case with Batman games. It was only until the Batman Arkham games were released by Rocksteady that fans got the Batman game they deserve. However, Rocksteady, the original makers of the Batman Arkham games have now decided to move on from the DC franchise and has brought their Batman trilogy to a closure. Now it's WB Montreal's turn to take on the mantle and create their own Batman games. And with recent developments, an announcement is bound to happen soon.

WB Montreal is known for their Batman Arkham Origin game. While the game didn't live up to Rocksteady's games, it did enough sales to warrant another sequel. Batman is an enduring ip that has guaranteed success outside of the comic book real as proven by its many iterations. It has long been rumored that WB Montreal are already developing 2 Batman inspired games. The first game stars Damian Wayne and Batman, possibly in a Last of Us or God of War 4 partnership scenario. The next is an unannounced Suicide Squad game that hopes to ride the wave of the popularity of the movie version.

But now according to a source from Kotaku, that Suicide Squad game has now been cancelled to make way for the Damian Wayne game. According to the source, executives at Warner Bros. decided to pull the plug on the Suicide Squad game to focus on a Damian Wayne Batman Arkham game. The reason for the cancellation probably has something to do with the period of turbulence inside WB Montreal which could mean bad news for the new Batman Arkham game. The Suicide Squad is reported to be in development for 2 years and would star DC's band of anti heroes including Harley Quinn.

The cancellation of the Suicide Squad game came after a year of revamping in WB Montreal. Earlier this year Martin Carrier and Reid Schneider left the company. In November, Stephane Roy was hired as the new studio head.

It looks like trouble's brewing behind the scenes at WB Montreal. But if that means that they can entirely focus on the new Batman Arkham game starring Damian Wayne, then I'm all for it. We can expect more announcements and maybe an earlier release date from the new Batman Arkham game with the full studio working behind it. WB Montreal just has to get their work together and produce a great Batman Arkham game which is easier said than done.

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