General Hospital Latest Spoilers And Rumors: Lulu And Valentin Rekindle Relationship? Elizabeth Finds Tom, Chinese Mob Will Strike

By zekiah , Updated Dec 16, 2016 06:54 PM EST

Rumors are again spreading with regards to what will happen next on General Hospital season 54. Here's what you need to know on what will happen next.

Rumors are suggesting that a big custody battle is on the horizon on General Hospital Season 54 for Charlotte. Lulu will fight with Valentin over the the custody of their daughter on General Hospital season 54. Rumors suggest that the couple will agree on the custody and will soon bond with each other rekindling their relationship. A happily ever after might be in store for the couple.

Meanwhile Hayden's health is in critical condition now despite the efforts of Finn. Spoilers suggest that Finn will beg for Brad's help and risk anything to save Hayden. Tracy will be at Hayden's side and tells that Finn has found a way to help her. But Finn will convince Brad to test an untested serum on Hayden which effects are still unknown. Finn is risking making Hayden's health worse just for a chance to save her which could backfire in the end.

Franco on the other hand, has been toying with Tom for the past few episodes now. Franco has now lured Tom in a cage at his place and rumors have it that Elizabeth will head over for a visit. She will ask what Franco is up to while Franco will try to divert Elizabeth's attention and lead her out of the house to avoid discovering Tom in a cage. Tom on the other hand will try to escape his cage. Unfortunately, we can expect Tom to almost escape but was prevented by Franco in the end to prolong his suffering. Elizabeth in the meantime will ask for her brother's help to find Tom.

Lastly, this rumor is just a theory but with all the signs in General Hospital Season 54 it wouldn't be surprising if it does happen. Aside from the various Chinese elements found on General Hospital Season 54, there is also the fat that the call the night of the car accident is linked back to china. Brad is also connected to Chinese Mobs as with his Chinese parents. This could mean that Chinese Cartel could be causing terror on General Hospital Season 54 soon.

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