'Stardew Valley' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: Why Is It Important To Keep Good Relationships With The Townspeople

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 20, 2016 09:05 AM EST

Maintaining a good relationship with the people in "Stardew Valley" is not a requirement at the start of the game but an initiative for the players to build up. When players have a good relationship with these people, they can experience the benefit of help in return for the kindness. Relationships aside from marriage keep the players going because it gives them the ability to delve deeper into the lives and stories of the townspeople.

In addition, if the relationship is high enough, a person with enough hearts might give players a food, material, or a recipe for cooking. Attending events and delivering items needed on the request board boosts relationship.

How to increase relationship and hearts with the people?

People vary in terms of perspectives and personality. This is the reason why players should always give various items in "Stardew Valley" to discover which ones that are in favor of a specific person.

Fortunately, coffee is one way to start the relationship because everybody except the children loves coffee. Coffee might not give that huge amount of points to increase relationship, but it is a decent way to get a decent amount, enough to increase points. Kindness never goes unrewarded in the game because the villagers will find a way to repay the players through mails. Inside these mails can either be a secret recipe that can be obtained permanently to cook delicious meals in the kitchen, or can be food or materials that will be used to progress further.

Max hearts for villagers, marriage with ease

The good thing about maxing the hearts of each villager in "Stardew Valley" will grant players the ease to win their chosen bachelors or bachelorettes for marriage. Of course, Bouquet of flowers is available once one of the villagers are eligible for marriage and stepping up the relationship farther.

Lastly, if players are still wondering where to obtain the Mermaid's Pendant, it can be obtained on a rainy day, proving that someone wants to marry the player, from the person on the New Beach and can buy it for 5K gold. This can only be bought in all seasons except winter.

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