First ParkNYC Features, Latest News & Update: New App Lets You Pay For Parking In New York Through Phone, Internet Or Call

By CJ Estimada , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:59 AM EST

Instead of shuffling out for coins and cards, as of December 19, NYC drivers can start paying the meter through an app, the web or simply call. The first ParkNYC-capable muni-meters are now live in midtown Manhattan.

The meters will still accept conventional payments and the subsequent goal is to upgrade all 85,000 muni-meter spots by the end of summer 2017. It's too soon to say how well ParkNYC will work in practice, as urban tech can occasionally go wrong. If it does work as promised, though, it should make driving the city's chaotic streets a little less stressful, says Engadget.

ParkNYC: How To Create An Account And Get Started

According to PARKNYC, in order to use this facility, users need to download the app, then enter phone number or email, create a password, enter license plate information and set notifications- by app, e-mail, or text. To load the ParkNYC Wallet, user needs to enter payment information, select an amount for auto-refill, and it's now ready to use wallet to pay for parking.

ParkNYC Simple How To's

It works by entering a code for that side of the block posted under the parking rules and on the muni-meters, according to the Department of Transportation. The app, free to download, will at first be accessible to use from 14th Street to 59th Street in Manhattan. New Yorkers who set up an account on the app will put in an initial $25, which they will then pull from for parking fees. There are no transactions costs to use the program, and the city will cover the fees of the credit card processing cost.

Users will be able to increase the amount they put on the meter remotely, up until they reach the limit for that space. For instance, if a meter has a 2-hour limit, a driver can pay for an hour of that and then pay for the second hour remotely. While parkers need to load a virtual wallet, they can extend parking time if in danger of running out.

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