'Super Mario Run' Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How To Unlock Secret Stages, Collect Elusive Coins & More

By Christopher Alerta , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:37 AM EST

The bittersweet realization has dawned upon the nostalgia-for-the-win fans of "Super Mario Run" right after they are pretty much done with the first free stages of the popular mobile app — they just have to pay for $9.99 to unlock all six remaining stages and experience the legitimate fun of it. Alas, most of these gamers just do not see the point yet whether such amount is worth it. But with that unmistakable "It's Mario Time" of Super Mario along with the adorable mushrooms and all, one must be really thinking about purchasing it very soon.

Luckily, few significant cheats have already sprung up as soon as "Super Mario Run" has been released on Dec. 15. And while these do not necessarily unlock everything until the nefarious Bowser's stage, these tricks will somehow figure to these gamers' decision to finally spare a couple of bucks to unlock everything and gain some voluminous amount of coins.

These simple tricks will help even the uninitiated to get to the ultimate "Super Mario Run" fix. From the get go, players are asked to sign up with their Nintendo account. This is a must step for everyone as this will enable the players to play Toad along with other popular characters such as Luigi in the long run, no less.

Meanwhile, collecting the five elusive coins in "Super Mario Run" has also proven to be quite a challenge for many. It should be noted that some of these coins are hidden right inside the boxes in which Mario hits. Further, some of these coins are located right at the bottom of a pit which is a little tricky for some as it could also kill the beloved character. The trick really is to slide down the wall and while collecting the coin, tap the screen to hop from wall to wall until the pit is no longer in sight.

"Super Mario Run" has also introduced three modes. These three modes, as they turn out, are intertwined in a way that finding the right balance among them is of significant importance.

Perhaps one of the more challenging tasks in "Super Mario Run" is unlocking some of the stages. Players can unlock these stages by collecting a slew of different coins and with these collected coins come to a crucial point of unlocking special stages. In order to unlock the special stages in the game, the player must collect 120 Pink, 120 Black and 120 Purple coins. Meanwhile, the player must replay every stage at least three times in order to collate these required coins. For the detailed steps on how to collect these coins and how to access the special stages, visit this link.

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