Nintendo Switch Release Date, Specs, News &Update: CPU & GPU Clock Speed Revealed

By Jyotirupa Sarma , Updated Dec 20, 2016 08:58 AM EST

A report has revealed a lot about the specs of Nintendo Switch. It stated that Nintendo Switch is based on Nvidia's Tegra X1, which feature a GPU based on second generation Maxwell technology.

Nintendo Switch's GPU speed has become very controversial. Venture Beat reconfirmed a Digita Foundry report from July by stating that Nintendo Switch will not be more powerful than Sony's Play Station 4. A source confirmed that Nintendo Switch uses Nvidia's last generation Maxwell graphics processing architecture. Nvidia's Pascal architecture was introduced earlier this year and that technology is not ready for Tegra chip used in Switch. Maxwell Tegra uses a 20nm process while Pascal uses the more efficient 16nm process.

The report further stated that the custom Maxwell Tegra in Switch is powerful enough to play Nintendo-style games but that will completely depend on quality art and not on horsepower. At the same time, players should not expect Nintendo Switch software to have the same graphical quality as highest-end PS4 games.

The visual capabilities of Nintendo switch may satisfy most of the players. In the trailer for the system, Nintendo stated that Switch will be able to handle realistic looking games like Skyrim and NBA 2K. Moreover, Switch is a portable gaming device as well as a home console, players can be surprised by its older Maxwell hardware, as per Venture Beat.

Numerous speculations have been made on Nintendo switch specs. Euro Gamer speculated that as the game will be released in March 2017, Nintendo will have time to transit from the Tegra X1 to the more modern Tegra X2. Tegra X2 utilizes Pascal technology and FinFET processor production technology which will help Nintendo Switch in delivering better performance and longer battery life.

Till now Nintendo Switch's Specs are not officially announced. The company will announce Switch's specs during an event on Jan. 12, 2017. In the same event, Nintendo will reveal the console's price and the other details. The console will be released in March 2017 but the exact release date is not revealed.

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