Pokemon GO’ Has A New Update and Players Can Download It Now

By Allan , Updated Dec 20, 2016 05:49 PM EST

It looks like “Pokemon GO” just got an unannounced update released today and iOS and android players can download it right now. The new update includes fixes to several bugs from the latest update. This updates the game’s version to 1.21.9 and 0.51.0.

New Update for “Pokemon GO”

Many players are experiencing several glitches in the game since the last major update of the game. From getting vibrations even no wild Pokemon is in the area to catch, the time of day are not properly reflected in the app and some text errors. These bugs may just be a minor issue but it does affect the overall gameplay of every player.

So in this update, the bug that makes vibration even there is no Pokemon nearby is fixed, night and day modes have been corrected to reflect the time of day more accurately and text errors fixed. Although this update says it only corrects minor issues in the game and does not really add any new content, data miners could discover something new anytime now.

Possible Events in the Future for “Pokemon GO”

Niantic is known to add parts of the new content in every update secretly that are activated at a later time. So for now, players will just have to wait for leaked data from data miners or possibly even get news straight from Niantic. Many players are hoping new and legendary Pokemon will finally be released in the game and although there is no announcement yet from the game developer, who knows if a surprise is coming anytime soon.

“Pokemon GO” is one of the most popular app game in iOS and android today. It has been downloaded over 500 million times and despite receiving mixed reviews, it quickly became a worldwide hit. Today, “Pokemon GO” is one of the most downloaded and profitable apps in 2016.

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