‘Super Mario Run’ Latest News & Update: No Expansion, No Room For Improvement Planned By Nintendo

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 21, 2016 06:51 AM EST

“Super Mario Run” may be racking in million right now but a decline is likely to follow. The first official mobile game by Nintendo is expectedly a hot item but most are more concerned on what lies ahead.

For those who have lived to play the popular plumber on the game console versions, the game has been limited to tapping. As “Super Mario Run” connotes, the game character just runs and runs where long or short taps will determine how he jumps.

With a seemingly basic kind of gameplay, most are wondering if new content would be coming. “Super Mario Run” is a game that costs $9.99 and traditionally most would want expansions and new content. Any hope for that may not happen, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Apparently, the unlocked levels which can only happen when a player pays the $9.99 fee are all the content “Super Mario Run” will offer. No future DLCs will be happening so “what you see (or pay) is what you will get”, Slash Gear reported.

That said, such could hurt the chances of “Super Mario Run” retaining its top spot in the App Store charts. It has been getting poor ratings as of late and pales in comparison to Niantic’s “Pokemon Go”.

Aside from being free, “Pokemon Go” has been delivering added content and spicing up gameplay with special in-game events. If Nintendo is fine following the paid app route, it could be the only revenue they may get from “Super Mario Run”.

Much of this will not be felt now since “Super Mario Run” practically just started. The pinch of losing its luster will eventually start in 2017. The game is iconic and something new but opting not to make improvements in the future could be detrimental to its chances – unless Nintendo plans to release a sequel instead.

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