Most Overrated Games of 2016, News & Update: 'No Man's Sky,' 'Civilization VI,' 'Firewatch' Tops the Overrated List

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 21, 2016 02:58 AM EST

The gaming library for 2016 is teeming with overrated titles, cementing the truth that heavy hyping doesn't always convert to excellent experience. Make no mistake about it, the term "overrated" should be taken lightly because not all overrated games are bad. At any rate, here are 2016 titles that started with fireworks but end in lukewarm reception.

Every list for heartbreaks in 2016 isn't going to be complete without mentioning "No Man's Sky." The game was so overrated that Sony taunts this space exploration-niched game as the carrier of PlayStation VR, GameFAQs lamented. Unfortunately, "No Man's Sky" immediately broke the hearts of expectants - not to mention breaking their pockets.

"No Man's Sky" is undisputedly on top of overrated titles due to lack of multiplayer, monotonous gameplay, lack of boss-combat element and graphics that fell short of what the trailer promised. Mind you, this overrated game was charged in UK court for allegedly wrong advertisement and failure to deliver what it promised.

The next two titles in 2016 list of overrated games could be taken lightly. There are several titles that can qualify within this category but we can name "Civilization VI," as discussed in CivFanatics forum. The culprit behind "Civilization VI" failure and demise is lack of freedom and again, monotony.

Monotony is self-explanatory when players found themselves unwilling for a replay. On the other hand, an overrated game of 2016, "Civilization VI that is, present a strategy rule of one unit per tile that consider as too restricting.

Now going into the 3rd pick for overrated game of 2016, "Firewatch" it is. While the former two in the overrated list delved into monotonous elements, "Firewatch" came in a little bit better although insufficient. Consider a "Firewatch" as a game with minimal interaction, single player type that is only good in killing spare hours.

"Firewatch" is overrated in a sense that the story might play well with radio drama due to much focus on story itself, shunning the player away. Of course, this is a good ingredient to kill a video game title specially so for what is supposed to be a first-person niche.

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