VRTrek Latency Tool Release Date, News & Update: Basemark Releases World’s First Universal VR Latency Tool

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 21, 2016 02:27 AM EST

After months of delays getting the VRScore VR benchmark tool out to the public, Basemark has finally put its VRTrek latency tool to work. Basemark launched a software development kit called VRTrek Library for hardware vendors and developers.

Basemark announced the VRTrek latency tool in March together with the revelation of the VRScore benchmark, via Tom's Hardware. The announcement implied that the VRScore will be released in June, but Basemark failed to push the plans through. Basemark is still working on introducing the benchmark suite to consumers, but it's ready to bring the tools to creators for them to improve the user experience of both their hardware and software.

How The VRTrek Latency Tool Works

Latency is a common issue in the ever-growing Virtual Reality (VR) industry. People wearing a VR Head Mounted Display (HMD) experience delays between what's shown onscreen and what the brain expects. That shouldn't be a problem anymore, starting today. VRTrek Library's latency tool will fill the gap and enable the VR industry to provide better experience of its users.

The VRTrek latency tool has two photodiodes that sense light from the HMD display. The two sensors are placed in a way that each one monitors a separate lens. The VRTrek hardware then sends a signal to the computer through an audio jack. According to Basemark, it tested the tool with RealTek integrated audio cards. One's mileage may differ compared to other audio tools.

VRTrek Latency Tool Availability

VRTrek Library provides hardware sellers and developers with the necessary tools to measure the time it takes for an image to reach the display following a draw call, in milliseconds. The tool can also measure screen persistence, duplicate and dropped frames. It includes the company's patent pending latency measurement tool, dubbed VRTrek Latency Tool, which measure the left and right latency simultaneously. The company adds that the VRTrek Library includes a software development kit (SDK) to "easily integrate [VRTrek] into their testing frameworks."

Basemark's VRTrek Library latency tool is now available to vendors. Get a copy by contacting sales@basemark.com .

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