‘The Last Guardian’ Latest News & Update: Trico Poops, The Boy Actually Had Something To Eat & Other ‘The Last Guardian’ Did-You-Knows

By Arianne Gift , Updated Dec 20, 2016 07:55 AM EST

Almost a decade in development, the new action-adventure game from the director behind the acclaimed "Shadow of the Colossus" has been a long time coming. "The Last Guardian" is hailed one of PlayStation 4's biggies, which is why creator Fumito Ueda isn't shy about spilling the beans regarding the game's creation.

The good folks at Glixel managed to spew out information from Ueda, who has shared some of "The Last Guardian's" juicy details, including a couple of did-you-knows. While it might not entirely affect gameplay, it's a fun way to see the game in a new light.

"The Last Guardian" Had Items For The Boy To Eat

Once upon a time during development, the boy also ate, but it was cut when the project moved from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4. "When the game was in development for the PS3, we had items for the boy to eat. But with the budget cut that came with moving it from PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4," said Ueda. Can you imagine how things would have been so different in "The Last Guardian" if you had to take care of the boy as well?

"And because I wanted the player to concentrate on taking care of Trico, we removed the management of the boy from the game," the creator continued. As it turns out, the original "The Last Guardian" was for the boy to feed himself apart from Trico.

Trico Poops In The "The Last Guardian"

Trico actually defecates, and you might even bust him in action, according to Ueda. "The Last Guardian" actually has a trophy called "The Call of Nature," and you can earn this by looking for green, translucent orbs lying around, usually later in the game. It may seem too mighty to unlock, but it's actually the fourth-most unlocked trophy on Exophase.

The Colorful Stained-Glass Eyes In The Last Guardian Is A Homage To Japan

The glass eyes that scare Trico in "The Last Guardian" weren't inserted just so to make gameplay more exciting; it's actually a real-life method used in Japan. According to Ueda, the inspiration comes from a similar-looking object hanged in Japanese rice paddies to frighten crows.

"The Last Guardian" launched in December 6 exclusively for PS4. It was developed by genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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