'Dishonored 2': What To Expect And Prepare For New Game Plus

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:45 AM EST

"Dishonored 2" appears not to mess with the previous game's mechanics. Players are given a variety of means to complete each mission depending on their play style. They can aggressively take the target and enemies head on, or they could traverse the levels stealthily and take out the enemies. Players can also opt to run through the game with a lethal intent, which increases the number of guards and their aggressiveness. Going for the non-lethal route rewards players with lesser enemies and keeps targets open with not much protection.

Kotaku reports that the New Game Plus (NG+) was recently added and allegedly works great. The new mode allows players who have finished "Dishonored 2" at least once, to start a new game on any difficulty with all your upgrades and learned skills intact. It also allows players to switch between Emily and Corvo during missions that initially locked you onto one character. The original mode limits your character's skill tree, which keeps other skills unused. The new mode is made for players who want to max out their skills and attempt other combinations to complete missions.

Here are some tips on how to prepare your character for "Dishonored 2's" New Game Plus. Which hopefully allows players to maximize the game's potential or just allows them to dominate the enemies.

Use up all your runes

At the start of "Dishonored 2's" NG+ mission 2, your character will have full use of all the runes applied before the game ends. Unused runes are not carried over so better assign everything before the game is finished.

Dismantle all bonecharms

Try to learn all bonecharm traits because they carry over the New Game Plus. Players should ensure that all bonecharms are dismantled before you end "Dishonored 2's" last mission.

Whale bones rune crafting

Make sure to secure the runecrafting ability and then use up all the whale bones to craft spare runes. Purchase powers using runes and those will be carried over to the NG+ mode of "Dishonored 2"

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