NES Classic Edition Buyer's Guide: Source Reveals Surprise Retailer Availability

By Michael Augustin , Updated Dec 21, 2016 11:38 AM EST

Holiday shoppers only have a few more days left to get their hands on the NES Classic Edition. Multiple retailers have already exhausted their inventory in a bid to cash in on a bit of Nintendo nostalgia. Consumers have scoured different retailers over the weekend to hopefully score one or two units to give to their loved ones, but stocks continue to be iffy as the demand for the console skyrockets in the next few remaining days.

Another retailer was recently rumored to have additional stocks available on Friday. YouTuber JayShockblast posted a video claiming that he lucked out by being able to get a NES Classic Edition from Toys R Us. He states that he has been looking for the system since it was announced during E3, but was not able to get the device until his recent good fortune. In his video, he claims that a Toys R Us employee informed him that they will have stocks of the retro console available on Dec. 23.

For people who are still interested to get a NES Classic Edition before the holidays, it seems like a good tip to check out Toys R Us in the next few days. Most of the major online retailers seem to have a continuous dry spell as well. It appears safe to assume that the only chance consumers have right now is to check out physical retail stores.

Previous reports from Gamenguide have detailed some of the stores that claimed to have restocks ready this week. Gamestop was speculated to restock the NES Classic Edition last weekend, while Best Buy officially announced their restocks for Tuesday. They even encouraged customers to line up early in order to improve their chance to grab the device. Target has also informed its customers about their supposed restocks on Tuesday and the rest of the week.

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