‘Mafia 3’ Free DLC Introduces Car Races, 10 New Vehicles; Offers 50 Unique Car Customization Options

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 22, 2016 05:49 PM EST

Christmas came early for avid "Mafia 3" gamers following 2K Games' free DLC release. Players can now participate in in-game car races and unlock up to 10 new vehicles that can be customized with various decals and special parts.

"Mafia 3" players can opt to take a rest from battling the mob by joining an in-game car race. Released as a free DLC for the action-adventure gaming title, a racing car mode was added to the game, as well as a fleet of classic and cool-looking vehicles.

With 10 new cars included in the free DLC, gamers can trick out their in-game rides with various design elements such as stickers and decals. Special parts to make the car stand out can also be added such as spoilers, wheels, exhausts and Superchargers, according to 2K Games' announcement posted the gaming title's website.

Given the various car parts and decal inventory, developers have incorporated more than 50 customization items to the gaming title. 2K Games even shared that the said enhancement was added in response to the gaming community's clamor for car customization.

Gamers can also get 10 new vehicles, six of which can be unlocked and earned through gameplay. Of the four remaining new cars, one serves as the winning prize when a gamer nabs the first place in a race, while the other three are available to gamers who have the Family Kick-Back pack.

Meanwhile, the game's new car racing mode will be unlocked once players hold their first sit-down meeting with all three lieutenants. Special markers on the game's map will signify areas where players can participate in a race.

Other enhancements that were added included new outfits for Lincoln. Players who link their game account with their My2K account will also get a snappy looking suit for the said character, as well as a custom revolver.

In other news, over 4.5 million copies of the game were shipped during its first-week release. Take Two Interactive, 2K's parent company, earlier shared to The Washington Post that the game's impressive numbers made it 2K's fastest selling gaming title to-date.

"Mafia 3" was released on Oct. 7 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. Learn more about the game's free DLC in the clip below:

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