‘Fallout Shelter’ Gamers Kept Busy With Christmas Quests And Goodies

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Dec 24, 2016 02:38 AM EST

Bethesda has added a touch of the holidays for “Fallout Shelter”, giving gamers new quests and Christmas-themed goodies as part of their Yuletide offering.

Logging in now on “Fallout Shelter” will return holiday-themed content that includes in-game outfits, and decorations to get into the Christmas spirit. There are Christmas-themed quests also following, details of which have yet to be revealed by Bethesda, Game Spot reported.

Among the Christmas, items to expect for “Fallout Shelter” include Christmas trees, wreaths, presents and elf costumes. Check out the tweet below from @Fallout to get a first-hand glimpse.

Initially seen as a mobile game app to extend the famed “Fallout 4” series, the brainchild of Bethesda has surprisingly done well on its own by becoming one of the most played games. With the success, the company has continued to roll out updates for the post-apocalyptic franchise, Game Rant reported.

And that, of course, the festive arrangements which is expected to get “Fallout Shelter” gamers pretty much hooked this holiday season. Similar to what Niantic has been doing with “Pokemon Go”, Bethesda has been rolling out special updates, the last of which was during Thanksgiving.

From Turkeys, “Fallout Shelter” will be riddled with Santa hats and other traditional Christmas-themed objects as seen in the tweet above. With the continued success, it seems Bethesda will continue to roll out more content to the delight of gamers moving forward.

As mentioned in a previous post, Bethesda’s quests are one that has gotten most thinking. Players want to see what lies ahead when they venture out from their vaults, something that may include battles. That said, the payout is what most are more interested in which will likely be for a limited time.

That said, it will be interesting what the Christmas quests will have to offer. Be make sure to check back to see what Bethesda has in mind once the official festive activities kick off.

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