‘Eternal Darkness’ Trademark Filing Hints Game’s Potential Release On Nintendo’s Consoles

By RG Ferrer , Updated Dec 26, 2016 05:44 PM EST

Avid fans of the horror game "Eternal Darkness" mayh soon see a new version of the said gaming title appear in various Nintendo consoles. Recently, the Japanese-based company filed a trademark to renew the said game.

"Eternal Darkness" was one of the unique games on Nintendo's Gamecube console given its gameplay that mixed action adventure with psychological horror tones. Released in 2002 and developed by Silicon Knights, it may not have been a highly successful gaming title as compared to the "Mario" franchise but the game managed to gain a loyal following.

More than a decade after its release, it appears that Nintendo is looking to revisit the said game. Details noted on the trademark application filed by the Japanese gaming company on Dec. 20, as obtained by Game Zone, teased of Nintendo's potential plans to re-launch the said gaming title.

Other details such as potential console release was not indicated in the said trademark application. However, speculations posted on the same site indicated that game may be one of the games to be released for the upcoming Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, the game is also speculated to take advantage of the said console's virtual reality features, as indicated in the same report. At this time, it is still unclear if "Eternal Darkness" will be developed into a new game for the Switch. Nintendo has yet to comment on the news.

In other news, several reports have hinted the specifications and features of the upcoming hybrid gaming device, the Switch. Some of the reports pointed at the said console using Nvidia's new Pascal chip, having a screen resolution of 720p and a speed that allegedly differs from the unit's docked and undocked mode.

The recently released teaser clip for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game "Seasons of Heaven" also showcased the device's impressive graphics. The said trailer even raised gaming afficionado's expectations for the upcoming device.

Nintendo is set to unveil more details about the Switch in an upcoming January 2017 presentation. Learn more about the console in the clip below:

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