Nintendo Switch Release Date, News & Update: New Leaks Surface About Battery, Processor; Wii U Gamers To Switch?

By Henry Abragan , Updated Dec 27, 2016 06:16 PM EST

Nintendo Switch leaks have allegedly been revealed on the Chinese blogging site Baidu. Apparently, the upcoming Nintendo Switch may be released with a more powerful GPU  that may run at 768 MHz. Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch is believed to pack longer battery life in its specs.

RAM, CPU, GPU On Nintendo Switch Leaked

It is believed that the original Nintendo Switch leaks may have been based on an already deleted post. Apparently, the original post from Baidu may have already been deleted since it was originally uploaded. However, a user on the website reportedly revealed details that the post offered, My Nintendo News reported.

Rumor has it that the Nintendo Switch will pack the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture as well as an A73 ARM processor. In addition, the Nintendo Switch is believed to pack 4GB of RAM in the hood. Moreover, the post reportedly revealed that the Nintendo Switch may roll out with 4,319 mAh battery.

It should be noted that the Nintendo Switch has been leaked as a hybrid of sorts. Apparently, the hefty battery was meant for the portable console that the Nintendo Switch may turn to. In addition, the portable device may reportedly boast 307.2 MHz from its GPU when on-the-go.

Wii U Users To Make Switch To Nintendo Switch In 2017?

Meanwhile, the Wii U may no longer be manufactured to prepare for the Nintendo Switch. Apparently, the device may have fallen short of the other modern consoles offered by Sony and Microsoft. Moreover, the Wii U was noted as the company's lowest selling gaming console with only 14 million units sold worldwide.

The Nintendo Switch on the other hand is expected to combine both handheld and home gaming in one. Rumor has it that both portable and home console may maintain the CPU speed of at least 1,020 MHz. Furthermore, a Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon Sun and Moon called Pokemon Stars is slated to come in 2017 along with a Zelda game, according to report.  Watch more leaks here:

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