Nintendo Switch Partners With Publishers Square Enix, Activision; Confirmed 20 Game Titles Revealed As Online Multiplayer Receives Changes

By Ben Lindon , Updated Jan 09, 2017 01:54 AM EST

Nintendo Switch collage of company logos have reportedly been revealed sharing partnerships with almost all major game publishers like Square Enix and Activision. A confirmed list of games coming on the Nintendo Switch reportedly revealed over 20 game titles. In the meantime, the Nintendo Switch is expected to make major changes to the online multiplayer with a blockbuster timed exclusive.

Mass Effect Andromeda Will Not Come To The Nintendo Switch

Apparently, the "Mass Effect Andromeda" producer Michael Gamble reportedly debunked rumors that the open world game would be coming to the Nintendo Switch gaming console. However, BioWare may not be completely closing their doors on the console release if fans reportedly asked for it. Note that EA previously did not gain much success on the Nintendo Wii U when "Mass Effect 3: Special Edition" was released.

Hence, the future of third party support for Nintendo Switch may be directly proportional to its performance. It is believed that if the Nintendo Switch sells well with an install base that creates a demand for titles outside of its first-party offerings, then third-party support is expected to follow. In the meantime, this year's biggest multiplatform games including "Resident Evil 7" and "Ghost Recon" may be skipping the Nintendo Switch launch as well, Game Revolution reported.

Nintendo Makes Major Changes to Online Multiplayer

In other news, Nintendo reportedly secured a blockbuster timed exclusive for the online multiplayer. Latest reports claim that the company is reportedly scrapping friend codes while enabling voice chat. Furthermore, Nintendo insider Laura Dale also claims that the Nintendo Switch may feature gameplay sharing.

Nintendo Switch players are believed to pay a fixed price for an online subscription. As for the games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch, "Beyond Good and Evil 2" is expected to make a digital and retail appearance on the Nintendo Switch for a limited time, at least for a year, before hitting the PS4 and Xbox One consoles, Business Insider reported.

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