Destiny: Rise of Iron’ Guide: The Right Way to Use the High Caliber Rounds

By Allan , Updated Jan 16, 2017 07:13 PM EST

The High Caliber Rounds is one of the most popular weapon perks in “Destiny: Rise of Iron”. It is a very effective perk when used with the right weapon which is what this guide is all about. This was revealed by Youtuber and “Destiny” player Patrick Casey.

According to reports, the Youtuber did a test in the weapons found in the game wherein he found out that the High Caliber Rounds perform noticeably better to specific weapons compared to others. These weapons are the auto rifles and pulse rifles. The combination of a High-Caliber Rounds in the two types of rifles causes the reticle of the enemy to increase more than the normal rate which doesn’t happen when paired with a scout rifle or hand cannons. Actually, pairing it with hand cannons will cause the reticle to go up and go back down in the center of the screen.

The High-Caliber has been available in the game for quite some time now but it is only when the Clever Dragon pulse rifle was released that the perk got the attention of the players. High-Caliber Rounds is known for increasing the rate of flinch of the enemy when shot by it. And when combined with Grasp of Malok or Clever Dragon, it becomes much more deadly. It effectively disorients the enemy’s aim to help the player win the gunfight with proper aiming.

Some players believe that High-Caliber round should do something good with scout rifles but more players have posted proofs that it doesn’t. The two are just incompatible to the point that it makes it harder for the player to win the game when using it. However, players shouldn’t totally close their doors for these two as a simple update that balances the weapons algorithm could possibly change their compatibility. But for now, it’s best to just wait and stick to what is already proven in "Destiny".

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