'Horizon: Zero Dawn' Playstation Admitting Mistake On The Wrong Date Being Posted; Final Release Date Revealed

By Febe AF , Updated Jan 16, 2017 10:41 PM EST

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is one of the most awaited game not only in United States, but also in some other countries such as United Kingdom and Australia so many gamers have kept on tracking its updates. It was said that the release date in US is much earlier than in UK that is why many gamers in UK have been disappointed.

It can be remembered that "Horizon: Zero Dawn" was originally scheduled to be released in 2016 but the Developer Guerilla Games made mentioned that the delay would greatly help the company as it would give "the extra time required to deliver fully on their ambitious vision ", as Gamespot reports. Gamers then patiently waited.

In UK's Playstation Store it states that the release date will be unlocked on March 3, 2017. It is a month late compared to US on which the game will be released on February 28. However, in Australia and European the release date of the said game will be on March 1.

But Sony has fortunate news for all gamers in UK as it clarified that there has been a mistake on the release date being posted by the game's Playstation Store. Indeed  Vg247 has reported, that in a recent update by Sony, "Horizon: Zero Dawn" will be released on March 1, the same as scheduled for Australia and European store listings.

Sony admitted that the" Playstation Store has listed a wrong date" in its portal. The 1st day of March was the predetermined date of the game's release as announced last December that such product will be released two days before the planned schedule.

In addition to that, "Horizon: Zero Dawn's" trailer has been released last week which garnered a positive feedback from its fans as it depicts a promising story. The video trailer suggests mysterious characters such as allies that might join Aloy's cause.

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