NES Classic Update: Nintendo Switch No More Shortage; Coming March 2017 Massive Units Will Be Released

By Beverly V. , Updated Jan 17, 2017 09:44 AM EST

With the currently concluded Nintendo event, which highlighted their forthcoming hybrid console there truly is an assurance that the Nintendo Switch is really fantastic.  However after viewing the Nintendo event through a live stream and playing around with the new console, most fans and the media had questions, particularly as to the console's production number. Luckily, Nintendo of America President and Chief operating Officer Reggie Fils-Aime was there to clear things up.

Nintendo didn't release enough NES Classic systems into the market, which made enthusiast ask if they would do similar to the Nintendo Switch.  When asked about what he anticipates as far as the quantity of Nintendo Switch consoles that Nintendo will have the capacity to release in 2017, this is what Fils-Aime stated: "What we've clarified openly is that there will be around 2 million units that will be sent worldwide for the up and coming March 3 launch, basically through the first month."

Fils-Aime has read the sheets and read the remarks about the developing concern with respect to supply. From what he read, the worry appears to root from the absence of capacity to purchase the NES Classic. So this is the thing that he needed to state to cut the pressure: two million units for the first month. That alone is as of now a massive number, particularly when you consider this is not yet peak season.

2 million units only for the initial three weeks of March. Fils-Aime and Nintendo are ensuring that the customer who needs to purchase a Nintendo Switch can purchase a Nintendo Switch. "That is the means by which we provide our store, that is the means by which we thoroughly consider the measure of an item that is accessible," Fils-Aime included.

What occurred with the NES Classic was a circumstance where the worldwide request or demand was anything that Nintendo had expected, which was what made shortages. The uplifting news now is that the company is ensuring that there will be no complains at all in regards to shortages with the Nintendo Switch once it finally takes off.

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