NES Classic Still Sold Out Since November 2016 Launch

By Kristine Garcia , Updated Jan 17, 2017 12:02 AM EST

The NES Classic, Nintendo’s wink at the past has had bought a successful and a rough start. Sadly, things have not changed for a few months already and this puts a lot of strain on gamers and fans who want to own a piece of Nintendo’s history.

GameSpot has announced that the NES has not received any additional units since it was completely sold out back in November, 2016. The position of Reggie Fils-Aime, the president of Nintendo America has been that the target audience which they expected to purchase the product, mostly comprised of people in between 30-40 years old, who grew up playing these games, has not been the only one to show interest in the product. This is a good explanation for the shortage of the console three months ago, but it barely explains anything when it comes to the console still being unavailable three months later.

Cinema Blend reports that this is not the first time that Nintendo has seen shortages of highly demanded products. The newly revealed Nintendo “Switch” also suffers from the same problems. Their highly successful consoles Nintendo Wii and the Wii U also suffered from the same problems at the dates of their release and later on. The Wii U’s release was also followed by poor support and lack of interesting titles, which led to a halt of sells once the initial copies were sold. This dark practice of Nintendo has turned into a habit and should already have become an expectation of anyone who anticipates their products.

A search through EBay’s market shows that the grey market is on the rise with the NES Classic.
The console which costs $60 at retailers has completely different prices when it comes to private orders. An empty box without the console inside is being sold for $60,the console itself starts from prices of $80 and reaches the likes of $400-500-600 reaching up to $12,000 for a new NES Classic console. Nintendo has still not made an official announcement about the boom of the grey market on their console.

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