'Injustice 2' Update: Teaser Trailer Breaks Stereotyped Ideals; Enemies Turn To Allies; NetherRealm Studios Wants More Gameplay

By Paige McClure , Updated Jan 17, 2017 11:03 PM EST

It stands out that the competition is high for the gaming developers and among those that have taken the liberty to update their gaming platform is NetherRealm Studios.The company recently released the teaser for "Injustice 2" and it unveiled the elements regarding the gaming platform.

The teaser trailer for "Injustice 2" showcased how it broke the stereotyped ideals regarding the game. The teaser unveiled the possible twist for the characters such as enemies turning to allies. A former report from Gamespot shared that the video, which is titled "The Lines are Redrawn," shows the aftermath of the first game, during which Batman led a resistance against Superman's tyrannical regime and in the sequel, Batman is trying to put society back together, but is having to contest with heroes and villains that want to see Superman return to power.

The video also teases new allegiances, with former allies such as Batman and Robin facing off in battle as enemies and among it all a new threat emerges, as noted by the same post.

More report from Kotaku added details that Brainiac will make matters worst for the protagonists of the gaming segment. The report mentioned that following the events of Netherrealm's first "Injustice" game, Batman and friends struggle to repair the damage done to society, but with the planet in turmoil, it gives interstellar terror Brianiac just the opening he needs to create more havoc for the world.

In a different note, the full details about "Injustice 2" remains uncleared. For the gaming enthusiasts, the game is slated for release on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16, 2017.

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