Spiderman Villain, Green Goblin Just Landed In GTA 5 Mod; Spiderman Could Follow

By Allan , Updated Jan 20, 2017 06:57 PM EST

GTA 5 just added a new Marvel character mod in the game and its no other than the Green Goblin. Although the character is still in the works, its developer reveals the villain will come with his deadly and infamous vehicle. Once this mod is completed, Spiderman is planned to be the next character created for the game by the same developer.

According to a report from Gamerant, JulioNIB is in the works with the Green Goblin inspired character and has revealed what he has finished on YouTube so far. The video shows a very cool Green Goblin, complete with his signature suit and his vehicle called Glider. The mod is still a 0.2 version and will need more time to complete. But to keep GTA 5 players updated, he regularly posts the progress on his blog.

One of the most exciting feature on this GTA mod is the new Glider that will not only allow players to glide around the city in a one of a kind vehicle but also fly, use unique weapons and everything else that comes with the Glider in Marvel. It also comes with authentic light and sound effects.

This isn’t the first time JulioNIP added a popular superhero in GTA 5. iDigitalTimes reported that JulioNIP also did previous mod projects of Hulk and Iron Man. Many players definitely enjoyed both previous mods so the same enthusiasm is expected when Green Goblin is ready. Although it will take a while to finish this mod, JulioNIB is already planning his next project and its no other than Spiderman.

When “Grand Theft Auto 5” was first released, not many players were disappointed due to the numerous delays and issues in installing the game. But it looks like the game has already bounced back and comes up with a variety of contents and mod to keep their loyal players entertained.

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