'GTA 5 Online' Guide: How to Buy and Sell Properties

By Allan , Updated Jan 09, 2017 05:01 AM EST

In “GTA 5 Online” players can buy and sell properties as a form of investment. And since each player can only own three properties at a time, gamers will also have to know the best way to decide which of their properties to sell to get another one. So in this guide, players will learn how exactly to buy and sell properties in the game and tips in deciding which to give up.

 How to Buy Properties in the Game?

To buy a property in the game, players just need to get their handy smartphone and choose the web key. For those who are not familiar of the web key, it’s the wireframe sphere in white in a blue background. After that, choose the “Dynasty 8” located in the lower left side corner of the website. Then just view all the property listings and buy the one that the player likes. Use the filter option to easily find the properties within the gamer’s budget.

 How to Sell Properties in the Game?

Now when selling a property in the “GTA 5 Online”, you must already have a fourth property to purchase. You cannot sell a property in the game if there is no replacement. So once the player has decided which to sell and to buy, just go back to the same website and go to the property to purchase. On the left part of the screen, the player can review the unit and its price before purchasing it.

For players who have not decided yet which to buy but wants to sell of a property, the best alternative is to just buy any cheap property. In this way, the player still get the most of the money from selling a property. One of the cheapest property in “GTA 5 Online” are garages where players can only keep cars in it.

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