Resident Evil 7’ Guide: How To Defeat Both Phases Of Mia

By Allan , Updated Jan 25, 2017 06:48 PM EST

The first big boss encounter a player will face in “Resident Evil 7” is the wife of Ethan Winter, Mia Baker. Her abilities are terrifying especially if the player is not aware of her weakness and how to defeat her. So this article will be a player’s guide how to defeat Mia in her two phases but be warned because this article will have spoilers.

The first battle with Mia in the game will happen when the players get to the hallway that leads to the basement according to Gamerant. During this time, Ethan probably has no weapon to fight her so all he can do is to stop Mia’s hits. If the player does everything right, Mia should appear defeated. Ethan should then approach her body on the floor that should trigger a cut scene.

At this point, players through Ethan should already have an axe to use when Mia attacks. The battle against her will quickly start and players must use their weapon as a defense when Mia strikes. And the best way to defeat her is to hit her whenever she gets ready to attack.

Mia will fall again once she is hit by an axe and Ethan should quickly head to the guest house’ attic to find a much powerful weapon, a handgun, and bullets all around the room as mentioned in an article from VG247. Then go to the ladder up to the window of the attic which should trigger another Mia battle scene. When this happens, players must go down the ladder as fast as they can and find a clear shot of Mia. It actually takes a while to find the right timing to shoot her so while waiting, players can use the objects around the room to hide from Mia and as a defense from her attacks.

Just be very careful because a few hits from Mia’s chainsaw can kill Ethan. As much as possible, aim at shooting on her head to stun her and quickly fire as many shots as possible. It takes a while to defeat her so players must be very careful and quick.

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