'Resident Evil 7' Guide To Get Both Endings

By Michael Augustin , Updated Jan 26, 2017 12:02 AM EST

Following the franchise's legacy, "Resident Evil 7" comes with multiple endings depending on how the player handled certain parts of the game. Getting the two endings is reportedly recommended, since each one has significant variations of the story. Getting both endings also unlocks an achievement/trophy for those gamers looking to complete everything the game offers.

Players should obviously note that this guide will contain spoilers for the game. Decisions made after a certain point in the game will alter the outcome of the ending. To avoid having to replay the entire game from the start, gamers should create an extra save file in the save room just before heading to the area with the Boat House, says Game Rant. Take note that another boss fight with Jack Baker is fairly close, so make sure there are enough ammunition and healing items.

The option to choose the type of ending in "Resident Evil 7" happens right after the fight with Jack Baker. Players will have access to a serum that reportedly cures the affliction infesting the Baker family. Only one dose is available so players must choose between Mia Winters or Zoe Baker. The option chooses by the players will determine the kind of ending that they experience.

The first ending or what is referred to as the "good" ending happens when Ethan chooses to cure Mia. Selecting this option will lead to a cut-scene that proceeds to section involving a large shipwreck. Any other actions done afterwards will not change the endgame credits. Selecting this story branch will reward players with the "End of the Night" achievement/trophy.

Players can then reload their save file prior to the fight with Jack Baker, and deliver the antidote to Zoe instead to unlock the reportedly "bad" ending. The following scenes supposedly seem identical to the first choice, but there are some exceptions and more information is learned about Mia. This selection unlocks the "Just A Memory Now" trophy/achievement.

In other recent reports, "Resident Evil 7" is apparently leaving some gamers with motion sickness. Some players admit that the Playstation VR mode can induce some nausea with others, but reports claim that some just playing the game without the VR headset. Sources credit the constant camera movement and its limited field of view as the culprit, according to Polygon. The game is currently available for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 with an optional Playstation VR mode.

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