Square Enix To Patch 'Final Fantasy XV' Chapter 13, Date & Details

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 03, 2017 06:15 PM EST

Reviews and some reports have agreed that "Final Fantasy XV" is a good game and welcome change to the franchise. The number of units shipped worldwide and its overall sales support its apparent success. However, despite its numerous praises and recommendations, most players and critics unanimously wish that Square Enix will fix its infamous chapter 13.

Players that are still halfway playing through the game should note that this article contains spoilers about the game. Across the entire span of the RPG, gamers have noted that upon reaching the later sections of the story, the game begins to stray from its experience. Game Rant points out that the section where Noctis gets separated from his companions is where it begins.

Most players were apparently surprised why "Final Fantasy XV" suddenly changes its pace from a companion-fueled adventure into a forced stealth-based maze section. Hajime Tabata from Square Enix claims that the developers made it intentional, so that players will be reportedly caught off-guard. However, he admits that chapter 13 has stressed a lot of players "greater than we had anticipated." He told US Gamer that fixing this problem should deliver "a better gameplay experience."

During a livestream event, the publisher revealed their proposed schedule for the update. One of the notable changes happening is a portion of the game will feature a playable Gladiolus Amicitia. However, it was not revealed if it is going to be part of the tweak for the notable chapter. The company claims the update will bear "enhancements" to multiple parts to the game's later chapters.

The chapter 13 update for "Final Fantasy XV" will reportedly drop on March 28. Players are apparently happy that Square Enix is responding to consumer suggestions. It seems like gamers are finally looking forward to the upcoming update, which hopefully eases the frustrating portions of the game.

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