'Fire Emblem Heroes': Beginner's Guide

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 07, 2017 05:20 PM EST

Reports have indicated that "Fire Emblem Heroes" is not exactly a difficult game, but it appears some gamers are finding it unclear to understand and navigate around. Players that have never experience playing any "Fire Emblem" games might encounter some challenges, but some gamers have shared some of their tips and guides on how to maximize your enjoyment.

When players begin a new game, the game rewards them Orbs, which can be then used to summon characters. However, sometimes the Random Number Generator (RNG) system can give players a weak roll or poor starting stats for their character. Sources suggest that players a re-roll by taking the time to delete and reinstall the game. Gamers will apparently go through the tutorial mode all over again, but summoning good heroes and possibly a five-star character from the start are possible, reports Kotaku.

Users can also Play "Fire Emblem Heroes" daily in order to grab the daily rewards and weekends also give users special prizes. To get more free Orbs, players can also link their My Nintendo accounts to the game. Once the process has been completed, players can find their reward waiting for them near the fountain on the bottom right of the screen.

Take time to compare your hero's stats, there are reported instances wherein two heroes might have the same star ratings and title, but one of them has better stats rolled. It is advisable for players to keep using those characters with better numbers. Once players have selected their top characters, it's also advisable to combine different units in order to maximize your battle performance.

According to an article from Forbes, players should understand the weapon triangle system in "Fire Emblem Heroes." The combat system features a rock-paper-scissors element, which gives characters advantages over certain enemies with a weaker weapon type. It is also prudent to focus damage on a single enemy until it goes down. The game is available for download on iOS and Android devices and is free-to-play.

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