Nintendo Announces More Third Party Developers Will Come In Switch Unlike Wii U

By Allan , Updated Feb 08, 2017 10:52 AM EST

Nintendo is making sure more third party developers will come to release games for Switch. Unlike their previous game consoles, they made it a point that developers will have an easier time converting their games to be compatible with Switch. A number of games are already confirmed to come on the upcoming Nintendo console which includes “Skyrim”

According to Kotaku, Nintendo explains it has always been their priority to make unique development tools for the company. However, things have changed with the development of Nintendo Switch as they now prefer different developers to make compatible software for their consoles. It is their desire that third party developers make their games “compatible with Unreal and Unity as well as our own development tools.”

Most gamers purchase Nintendo hardware for the main purpose of playing Nintendo games but giving them more choices and flexibility will never be a bad thing. For that reason, Shigeru Miyamoto assures players that PC games will soon be available for Nintendo Switch as many are already in development and should be ready in less than one year.

Gamespot reports Nintendo has also made major changes in their corporate structure. The company used to have different teams for home console and handheld software development but this has now been united, according to Miyamoto. This has made their staff feel more at ease with the development of Switch’ software. In addition, the company is very happy that their team of Japanese developers have skills comparable to Western companies so quality technology can be expected to their hardware.

The only issues raised by gamers today is Nintendo’s determination to keep creating one-of-a-kind software to encourage third party developers to make more quality games for their console. This is actually a good thing but it became one of the reasons why the developers weren't able to release their game for Nintendo just like N64.

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