'Pokemon Duel’ Guide: List Of Best Pokemon In Runner Category

By Allan , Updated Feb 13, 2017 05:30 PM EST

Unlike the traditional Pokemon game, “Pokemon Duel” is a board game that requires its player to have a strategy to win the game. There are three categories a Pokemon can fall under and this includes a Runner, Fighter and a Tank. For this article, the best Runner Pokemon are compiled to make it easier for players to choose the best one for them.

In “Pokemon Duel”, Gamerant reports, runners have an important role in winning a battle in the game. They are the ones that will make sure the player secures a victory in every match. For that reason, this articles lists all the best Pokemon for this category.

First in the list is Greninja that not only is a great runner but also gets +10 hits from Yveltal and a +20 for Manaphy. Next are the twins Latios and Latias wherein Latios comes with Dodge and gives more damage while Latias has Fly Away. The only disadvantage in using the twins as a Runner is when they vanish from the battle if KO’d.

There is also Genesect that not only has strong stats but also has 40% chance for charge attacks and dodge. Then there is Keldeo that may be known for its little base damage but has the potential to be a good runner for its possible boost by enemy dark and Manaphy.

Another good Runner reported by Ranked Boost is Mew that is a strong runner with a minimal disadvantage. The last but definitely not the least Pokemon that many overlooks is Shuppet. It is not as strong and competitive compared to other Runners but it has EMV and goes through all unit which will be very useful while in battle.

For the players that do not have all the Pokemon on the list yet, don’t worry because a good alternative is to choose the one with three movements to have better chances of winning their battles.

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