'Street Fighter V': Kolin Arrives On Feb. 28 Armed With Systema; Gameplay Loads Faster In PS4 Pro

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 12, 2017 10:51 PM EST

"Street Fighter V" is set to receive an additional character to its roster later this month.  An elite fighter from the European block will arrive on Feb. 28 and is armed to the teeth with the Russian martial art called Systema.  She is also efficient with knives and is equipped with the power of ice.  She is called Kolin.

"Street Fighter V" Upcoming Character Unleashes Inside Slash, Diamond Dust When V-Meter Is Full

Game developer and publisher Capcom has recently announced the arrival of the blonde hair and blue eyed character their latest fighting video game of the series.  The character is a downloadable content (DLC) and is a part of the second season characters offered by the company, according to Digital Trends.

"Street Fighter V" game fans are also treated to an introductory video of Kolin, where she shows off several of her powerful swiping movements. She is also called the "Phantasm of Snow and Ice" and gave Juri, another character in the gameplay demo, a taste of her special moves and attacks.   Her martial arts training provided her the ability to use her attacker's momentum against them.

Die-hard "Street Fighter" fans are aware that Kolin is not totally new to the series.  Kolin debut back in 1997 as the assistant of Gill in "Street Fighter III," although she remained a non-playable character until the recent announcement.

Kolin Can Unleash Her Critical Attack Called Frost Tower

In other news, game fans who are already using the more powerful PlayStation 4 Pro can expect the fighting game to load faster. Thanks to Sony's latest firmware update that significantly reduced the waiting time of players, PVP Live reports.

According to a series of test performed by players, launching the game and up to the SFV logo screen is almost seven seconds less when the boost option was enabled.  Almost six seconds were also taken out from the waiting time for loading the Main Menu to Stage Select in Versus mode.

"Street Fighter V" Season 2 Character Pass can now be purchased for $29.99, which will also include the previously released character, Akuma.  Kolin will be available soon while four more unannounced fighters are expected to be made available later this year. Watch SFV: Kolin Reveal Trailer:


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