‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ Performance In Xbox One Versus Xbox 360; Which Plays It Better?

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 14, 2017 09:12 AM EST

"Grand Theft Auto IV" invades Microsoft's Xbox One machine, thanks to backwards compatibility. In case anybody missed the announcement, one of the most popular Rockstar Games' title is now playable on Xbox One. One question remains unanswered though - Xbox One or the Xbox 360?

Backward compatibility is a gift to the gaming community as it successfully makes "Grand Theft Auto IV" work on Microsoft's Xbox One machine. Cinema Blend reports that gamers are now seeking to answer one more question. Does the game work better in Xbox One or the Xbox 360? Let's find out.

Turns out, some folks are dead serious in making comparisons like Xbox One versus Xbox 360. According to Game Spot, gamers currently working on "Grand Theft Auto IV" discovers that by playing via Xbox One, players can hit a higher framerate versus what can be achieved on the Xbox 360.

Reports claim that the "Grand Theft Auto IV" the game's framerate is unlimited when played using Xbox One. While running on the Xbox One console, the game's graphics department can handle more brute force.

Initial reports claimed that the backwards compatible version of "Grand Theft Auto IV" was not capable of going beyond standard 30-frames of the last generation, even going below that mark at times. But the real issue lies beyond the frame- count and instead focuses on how they are presented.


Gamer review claims that the "Grand Theft Auto IV" frame-pacing on the Xbox One lacks consistency. The game simply doesn't look right in Xbox One. The glitch can probably be corrected with a patch, but it can never undo the glaring miss in terms of the game quality in Xbox One as compared to the performance of its Xbox 360 counterpart.

A simple fix would be moving "Grand Theft Auto IV" to a 30fps cap. This will limit gamers from those sections that run at a faster rate but will correct the game's overall inconsistency throughout. Noticed these issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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