‘Super Mario Odyssey’ Trailer Reveals Eyes On Mario’s Hat; Nintendo Release Three-Minute Trailer For Switch Game

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 12, 2017 10:30 PM EST

"Super Mario Odyssey" trailer sparks many questions about the upcoming Nintendo Switch game due this winter. While iconic character Mario looks pretty much the same, fans took special interest on his hat. The trailer reveals that Mario's hat got eyes and seems like it got a mind of its own too!

According to Polygon, Mario's classic cap looks pretty much the same in "Super Mario Odyssey" except for one very notable difference. As many players have noticed at the trailer's very end, Mario's cap has eyes and it seems like it got a mind of its own.

The three-minute "Super Mario Odyssey" trailer gives no clue as to why iconic Mario's hat grew eyes and a mind of its own. Folks at Nintendo Switch Reddit theorized that the eyes on his cap actually belongs to a creature hiding inside Mario's hat.

Reports claim that the eyes on Mario's cap are very much similar to the eyes of the evil rabbits which were riding aboard an airship in the game's trailer. Fans speculate that a good magic rabbit has decided to hide underneath Mario's cap.

Many believe that the magic rabbit hiding under his hat grants Mario the new abilities that he showcased in the trailer. Having good rabbit hiding under his hat would also explain the rabbit-sized door seen on Mario's ship.

Magical head gears have been known to be a home for rabbits. And if a magical rabbit indeed resides underneath Mario's cap, fans could look forward to the interesting stuffs it would throw into the iconic game. Meanwhile, Kotaku features an 83-minute video which analyzes the "Super Mario Odyssey" game trailer.

"Super Mario Odyssey" will not be released until later this year. That leaves fans with ample time to speculate and research on whose eyes is on Mario's hat and why does it seem to have a life of its own.

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