'Pokemon Go': Niantic Needs Permit In Milwaukee; Nest Migration 13 Takes Place

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 14, 2017 09:35 PM EST

"Pokemon Go" is now required to acquire a permit in Milwaukee County in order to be played in the parks. The new ordinance is also applicable to other location-based augmented reality games.

"Pokemon Go" Developer Held Responsible For Damages Caused By The Players

Niantic, "Pokemon Go's" developer, is held responsible by the Milwaukee County, for damages that are caused by the players. According to reports, the Milwaukee officials were not advised that Pokemon would appear in Lake Park, including other places in the city. Referring to some videos and pictures of huge crowds that move through the parks, the County believes that these "Pokemon Go" players are destructive.

"Pokemon Go" players were reported to be seen via a video on Milwaukee's public grounds that were noted to be entirely trashed. Following this, the players were accused of breaking ordinances like illegal possession of alcohol, disposal of waste, cruelty to animals and destruction of property.

Reports also indicate that "Pokemon Go" players are careless to property, running roughshod over public grounds and even trespass on private property. Incidentally, a person was also reportedly shot after crossing onto a private property, The Next Web reported.

"Pokemon Go" Nest Migration 13 Has Taken Place

"Pokemon Go" nest migration has been confirmed to have taken place for the 13th time, and the changes were entirely random. Based on a released screenshot, the nest is seen as spawning Scyther on Feb. 9.

In "Pokemon Go", the nest is a place in the real world where a high frequency of a similar type of Pokemon can be found consistently. Reports suggest that it is not like a habitat, as water Pokemon are usually found near water, Heavy reported. Learn more why "Pokémon Go"  Creators Will Need A Permit In Milwaukee County here:


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