‘NiOh’ PC Petition: Like ‘Dark Souls’ It’ll Come A Year After & Increment Sales

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 15, 2017 05:16 AM EST

"NiOh" was previously launched as a PS4 selective game. On that note, PC players got together to appeal to the developers of "NiOh" to launch the game on PC as well. In addition, "NiOh" tips have been revealed online to show more Amrita Farm Locations necessary for faster level-ups.

5,000 Rally Behind "NiOh" PC Launch

Currently, the PC gamers' request to get "NiOh" on the gaming platform consists of 5,000 Signatures, Mobipicker reported. Prior to this, the PS4 select was discharged with stellar audits. Apparently, the petition was able to gather in plenty supporters before the request gets forgotten as a mere Change.org appeal.

"NiOh" fans were able to rally the same cause that "Dark Souls" fans on PC appealed with Bandai Namco to launch the PS3 and Xbox 360 game on the PC platform. Note that the appeal was able to get a considerable amount of consideration for the developers to remark on it. A year after the PC fans appealed, "Dark Souls" was launched on PC with a pleasant increment in sales.

It should be noted that the "Convey NiOh to PC" request is not a mere reference to past petition. Note that the accomplishment of the console exclusives being made a beeline for PCs was also specified. Previously, Capcom discharged the console exclusive "Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen" on PC. The game quickly became one of Capcom's fastest-selling PC games.

"NiOh" Amrita Farming Strategy Revealed 

In other news, "NiOh" fans have noted similarities between the new game and "Dark Souls" Note that in the latter, players may step up characters by using the Souls gathered subsequent to slaughtering foes. On the other hand, "NiOh" players may step up characters by using Amrita. Note that in the early phase of "NiOh", the main Amrita cultivate area may be used.

"NiOh" players may vanquish the boss on the Isle of Demons where the player needs to get to the Shrine near Hot Springs and discover three Yokai inside a room near the Shrine to get 1,100 Amrita. In addition, the second Amrita Farming strategy requires players to converse with Kuroda Nagamasa with the mission called Finders Keepers and find foes with sparkling backs to get Amrita and Gold, Forbes reported. Watch Early Farming Location Tips here:


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