'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Space Map Is More 3D; Gameplay More Optimistic

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 15, 2017 06:10 PM EST

"Mass Effect Andromeda" is expected to trade the 2D Space with a more 3D version. Moreover, the developers have noted that "Mass Effect Andromeda" may feature more casual and meaningful stories and side quests. On that note, "Mass Effect Andromeda" gameplay gets a boost with a revamped side quest.

Dozens of Hubs, Puzzle-Locked Vaults Revealed

New "Mass Effect Andromeda" revelations have been published on the latest issue of PC Gamer UK Magazine which was later posted on Reddit. Apparently, "Mass Effect Andromeda" would be featuring several hubs like the Citadel-like space station, Nexus and the populated cyberpunk version of Wild West town, Kadara. It has also been revealed that the game would not include the 'big bad' like the Reapers as well as overarching threat.

Furthermore, the "Mass Effect Andromeda" story is slated to be more optimistic than leaning towards doom. Michael Gamble revealed that "Mass Effect Andromeda" would reveal more casual stories of exploration. In addition, "Mass Effect Andromeda" will feature puzzle-locked vaults that players need to uncover, ThisGenGaming reported.

Additionally, planets would also have enemy bases to clear out and each planet has its own story and history. The "Mass Effect Andromeda" developers also added side quests that are more meaningful and loyalty missions akin to ME2. The story missions will also be more arena-like than out in the open world.

Multiplayer Beta Reaches Next Stage, Gameplay Quest Gets Boost

In other news, "Mass Effect Andromeda" is set to unveil a modified side quest system for an improved gameplay. Interestingly, the Game Producer Fabrice Condominas revealed that feedback from "Dragon Age: Inquisition" became a major factor in building the side quest system. Condominas revealed that the "Mass Effect Andromeda" team learned a lot from "Inquisition" and are approaching the completionist aspect differently, PC Gamer reported.

The "Mass Effect Andromeda" developers have also observed other games like the Witcher. It is expected that "Mass Effect" Andromeda would launch on Mar. 21, 2017. In the meantime, the beta registration has already closed. Watch the cinematic trailer here:


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