'For Honor' Initial Impression, PC Performance, & Cheapest Deals Available

By Allan , Updated Feb 15, 2017 08:56 PM EST

“For Honor” is a game released by Ubisoft that focuses on battles between the three known fighters in the history of mankind which are Vikings, Knights, and Samurai. It is a multiplayer weapon-based battle game where approximately 3 million users have downloaded in its beta version. And now that the game is available for everyone to try, this article will discuss everything about the game including the good, the bad and the cheapest deals available for the game.

According to a report published by Gamespot, the story mode feels like a tutorial for the game’s multiplayer. Each scene is a way for the game to introduce how everything works. On the other hand, many players like its straightforward story mode particularly it's battle scenes that highlight the skills of every kind of fighter. Players need to have quick reflex and good timing to execute great attacks and win the battle.

Unlike other similar games, “For Honor” players need to have precise movement, patience and have to learn to read the opponent’s next move to progress through the game. It takes a while for gamers to learn the mechanics of the battle but its all worth it when they start getting winning streaks. The only issues raised by some players is when battling with AIs that are too easy to defeat. Players simply need to swing their weapons and will quickly hit their target or at times are too hard to hit.

In a report published by Express.co.uk, Amazon offers the best deal for “For Honor” PS4 and Xbox One version. However, the prices in ShopTo and Game are higher but the difference is just less than a dollar so players can also consider the two sites. Despite the price difference, all three sites still offer better bargain compared to the price offered in PlayStation’s official store.

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