'For Honor': Female Armor Done Right

'For Honor': Female Armor Done Right

Although "For Honor" features both male and female fighters, it seems difficult at first glance to discern your opponent's gender.

by Michael Augustin

For Honor Open Betta! PreLoad It!!

'For Honor' Displays Error Messages In Multiplayer; There's Better Alternative To Blocking

“For Honor” gamers recently noted error messages appearing in the game. In the meantime, experts gave away their tips on winning duels in the game.

by Ben Lindon

Let's Play - For Honor (Beta)

'For Honor' Initial Impression, PC Performance, & Cheapest Deals Available

"For Honor" has just been released and here is what players think of the game so far. In addition, this article also includes where to find the best deals about the game.

by Allan

Annual E3 Gaming Conference In Los Angeles

"For Honor" Update: Ubisoft's Third Person Melee - Game, Features Vikings, Samurai Or Knight Beta Test, Platform and Price, Coming Soon

"For Honor", one of the most anticipated game in 2017 developed and published by Ubisoft is now ready for the game players on its launching by February 14, 2017 but even now players do not have to wait for the release date but they can already try the game on beta test.

by Paige McClure

Tech Bash Brings Carnival For Tech-Savvy Consumers

'For Honor': What To Expect In The Game’s Closed Beta; Samurai Faction, Warrior Nobushi’s Spearlike Naginata Destroys Opponents

"For Honor" will be releasing a closed beta version between January 26 to 29.

by Paige McClure

For Honor Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD)

'For Honor' Release Date, News & Updates: Sign Up Now for Upcoming Closed Beta; Shugoki is One of the Fighters to Watch Our For;

Players can now sign up for the closed beta of "For Honor" and an event called War of the Factions will also go along with it.

by Ruffy

For Honor Gameplay Walkthrough: Viking Campaign Mission - E3 2016 Official [US]

'For Honor' Release Date, Gameplay & Latest News: Next Ubisoft Game Can Only Be Played With Internet?

"For Honor" is a cinematic adventure where players take on the role of knights, initially as the Warden.

by V Doctor

For Honor Trailer E3 2015 Official Trailer (HD)

'For Honor' Release Date, News & Update: Upcoming Game Receives Amazing Reviews From Beta Testers

Ubisoft's "For Honor" game receives amazing reviews and feedback from Beta testers.

by Gloven Ramos

FOR HONOR - Cinematic Story Trailer (E3 2016)

'For Honor' Release Date, Gameplay, News & Update: Outstanding Classes, Competitive Gameplay Mechanics & Details Here!

"For Honor" is coming closer to its release date and Ubisoft released a new video showcasing gameplay, classes, and epic moments of the game.

by Enrico Cuenca

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