‘Forza Horizon 3’ Sells 2.5 Million Copies; Forza Series Reaches $1B Mark

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 15, 2017 10:02 PM EST

"Forza Horizon 3" sells 2.5 million copies! Latest game installment's stellar performance catapults 12 year old Forza series beyond $1 billion mark by the end of 2016. Game developer Turn 10 Studios optimistic for continued game series success.

Polygon reports the most recent achievement of the Forza series. The 12 year old franchise has come a long way and has reached a major milestone by the end of 2016. With a little push from the latest series installment "Forza Horizon 3" which sold 2.5 million copies, developer Turn 10 Studios announces that the series has just topped its $1 billion mark in lifetime sales at retail.

Turn 10 Studios acknowledges that the stellar performance of the latest entry to their 12 year old franchise has catapulted the entire series towards this milestone. With a whopping 2.5 million copies sold, "Forza Horizon 3" has led the Forza series to greater heights.

According to Gaming Bolt, "Forza Horizon 3" and its positive sales performance has kept the Forza series in its spot as the best-selling racing franchise of the current console generation. This claim is supported by the data from the NPD Group which covers the period from November 2012 through January 2017.

There has been lots and lots of competition in the gaming industry, specifically in the racing game genre. In 2013, Sony had launched its own racing franchise, the "Gran Turismo 6" on the PlayStation 3. A year before that, Electronic Arts also fielded their entry to the racing genre with 2012's "Need for Speed Most Wanted". Unfortunately, the EA franchise failed to sustain the momentum.

To prove that the Forza series rightfully owns the top spot, a representative from Microsoft confirms that the statistic that backed up their claim has taken Nintendo's "Mario Kart" series into account. Since the debut of Nintendo's "Mario Kart 7" last December 2011, the company has sold more than 23 million copies.

Turn 10 Studios attributes the success of its Forza series to the game's stunning graphics, racing's leading simulation engine, and an emphasis on fun and accessibility. Share your thoughts below.

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