'Ultrawings' Allows Gamers To Fly A Plane With Their Own Hands

By Danny Smith , Updated Feb 16, 2017 09:51 PM EST

"Ultrawings" makes gamers experience the thrill of flying in virtual reality. To further the excitement, game developers add Oculus Rift game models which enables the game to be controlled with real hands. The game offers a flying experience closest to reality, giving players a thrilling experience.

Traditionally, flight simulations games required the use of a keyboard and mouse. Such gadgets makes the experience far from how the real flying thing actually feels. The installation of the traditional flight stick could elevate the experience.

Learning how to fly a plane has never been more natural with "Ultrawings". According to Polygon, developers also found the middle ground between gaming controls and giving gamers the feeling of actually flying a plane.

The game introduces the Oculus Rift game model. WIth this feature, players will get to see their hands as they are captured into the game. Such function allows gamers to interact with virtual toggles, buttons and sticks with their own hands. With this feature, "Ultrawings" allows the gamers to experience the thrill of actually flying a plane.

Upload VR features a teaser that demonstrates what taking off from one of the game's plane actually looks and somehow, feel like. Developer Chris Stockman of BitPlanetGames says that the original idea for the game's control were gamepads. But the folks at BitPlanetGames wanted to deviate from the traditional cockpit games.

Luckily, Rift's controllers offer capacitive buttons which supports the use of hands. According to Stockman, this property makes it possible to mimic the actual movement of the player's real hands. This feature virtual hands to punch a buttons, reach triggers and pushing the throttle up to increase speed.

"Ultrawings" is set for release on February 21 via Oculus Rift. Developer promise more content will follow the initial launch. Stay tuned for more Gamenguide update.

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