Nintendo Switch Could Come With Stylus As Accessory

By Allan , Updated Feb 15, 2017 10:43 PM EST

The new Nintendo Switch could have its own stylus as an accessory according to Shigeru Miyamoto in one of his recent interview. Miyamoto is not only the most influential director, designer and producer in the gaming world but is also one of the respected game designers for Nintendo.

In Miyamoto's recent interview with TIME, the game creator was asked about the Joy-Con controller when he revealed the use of a pen with the Switch tablet. He described how useful the stylus will be when playing as users will not only feel the vibration but also each tap. Many gamers are very pleased with the news because they don't need to use their own fingers anymore and stylus have better precision. "You can feel the tap that the tip of the pen makes on the screen" Miyamoto added.

However, this news is not yet confirmed because the popular game director did not explain the new accessory in details according to Gamerant. According to reports, he could mean a literal pen and how responsive Nintendo Switch is or a new stylus accessory. So until an actual stylus pen for Nintendo Switch is launched to the market, gamers will have to wait for further details or news about it.

Many critics have already reacted to the possible new accessory and not everyone is willing to purchase it. Although they could consider buying it if there are particular games that can only be played with it. But in any case, many gamers are intrigued of the advantages of using a stylus so they are hoping Nintendo will release news anytime soon clarifying Miyamoto's statements.

Aside from Nintendo Switch, Miyamoto also explained why the company is not yet ready to explore the world of virtual reality, saying they are concerned about its effect on the younger generation. In addition, the technology of Switch is not equipped with enough power to run VR content anyway.

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