$10K Worth Of SNES Games Reportedly Lost By USPS

By Michael Augustin , Updated Feb 17, 2017 04:04 AM EST

It is a known fact that the post office sometimes loses some mail or packages, but a recent report seems to be an unfortunate one for the gaming community. Reports claim that the United States Postal Service (USPS) misplaced a package that contains around 100 games. The package apparently held some very rare SNES cartridges that had an estimated value of $7,500 to $10,000. The package was shipped from Europe to a Nintendo fan in the states.

Unfortunately, the package was also not insured and was reported to be the second out of five in transit for the fan in New Jersey. The packages apparently originated from Frankfurt courtesy of a collector who made a deal with American fan called Byuu. Eurogamer notes that their deal was for Byuu to create digital copies of each game and upload it online. After which, he would send the batch back before he gets another one in the mail.

On their second attempt, things went awry as USPS claimed to have lost the parcel containing the SNES games and also did not have a trace. It was noted that Byuu posted on Reddit to ask for some help regarding his situation. He reportedly tried to ask for assistance from users who are connected to the post company, which sadly was not enough to track the lost shipment containing the Nintendo games.

Sources claim that the Nintendo fan intends to create a GoFundMe page to receive donations to help pay back the German collector for the unintended loss. It was understood that the shipment had a limited insurance, wherein it became uninsured the moment it arrived on U.S. soil. It is indeed heartbreaking to understand that rare physical copies of these games were lost. Game Rant elaborates that even the Japanese gaming company does not have a full working catalog of all its games.

The USPS loss of the shipment containing some rare SNES cartridges seems to have surfaced just after speculations of the NES Classic Edition's cancellation also came up. However, the Nintendo fan community is surely affected by the lost package, which could have completed Byuu's planned online archive for fans.

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