'Destiny’ Vendor Xur’s Location For February 17 To 19 Revealed; Get His List Of Exotic Weapons Here

By Allan , Updated Feb 19, 2017 08:21 PM EST

It's the weekend again and Vendor Xur from "Destiny: Rise of Iron" is back to offer exotic weapons for a limited time. This week, Xur is found in the Reef and will be there until February 19 at 9AM GMT. Players looking for new weapons to use must pay him a visit before his time ends because there is always the chance the same weapons will not be offered in the future.

According to Gamerant, Xur offers three armors this week namely the Eternal Warrior helmet, the Lucky Raspberry chest piece, and Purifier Robes chest piece. Some players think the three armors are not very useful in the game, particularly in PvE or PvP mode. However, they do admit that the Eternal Warrior helmet does look good when worn.

In a report from VG247, the weapons Vendor Xur offers this week could be a new favorite by many players. Since a buff has been made for auto rifles, the weapon is now more useful and with better accuracy. Before the update, auto rifles are no good compared to hand cannons and pulse rifles. For that reason, players are delighted to hear an auto rifle is available this week.

The Eternal Warrior for Titans can be bought for 13 Strange Coins. Lucky Raspberry for hunters and Purifier Robes for Warlocks are also sold for the same price. The Hard Light auto rifle, however, is a bit pricier at 23 Strange coins while the Legacy Gauntlet at 29 Strange Coins.

Each week, Vendor Xur of "Destiny: Rise of Iron" is one of the most anticipated events in the game. Although Xur appears in the same area every week, he is found in different spots so players have to take the time to find him. He always shows up every Friday and leaves by Sunday morning.

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