Nintendo 3DS Adapts 'Cursed Castilla'; Xbox One Players Can Play Too

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 21, 2017 03:18 AM EST

The Nintendo 3DS console just received the indie platformer game "Cursed Castilla" developed by Abylight and Locomalito. The former was able to implement its own engine VEGA to be able to adapt "Cursed Castila" to the Nintendo 3DS platform. Moreover, Xbox One users may play the game via a Universal Windows Platform app.

Evil Forces Are Ravaging the Nintendo 3DS Console

The new Nintendo 3DS addition offers a modern take on genuine arcade classics like "GhostsnGoblins". The game was released in Barcelona last Feb. 15, The reported. The game has also been noted as a fast-paced, straightforward, direct and addictive entertainment that challenges players at every stage.

It should be noted that the Nintendo 3DS was previously unsupported by the GameMaker Engine which was used to develop "Cursed Castilla". Hence, Abylight had to use VEGA to be able to offer the Nintendo 3DS version. Note that the development team also added a few traits for Nintendo 3DS players, such as a new coin-op mode and a stereoscopic 3D effect.

The new Nintendo 3DS gameplay takes on the character of Don Ramiro who wards off the evil invading the lands of Tolomera. Note that there are more than 49 types of enemies in "Cursed Castilla" along with 19 final bosses. Nintendo 3DS players are also set to unlock 16 achievements and find the secrets to 4 different engines.

Play "Cursed Castilla" and Other Nintendo 3DS Games on the Microsoft Xbox One

In other news, Xbox One gamers may now have access to Nintendo 3DS games via the Universal Windows Platform app, UWPStreamer on the Xbox One Store. Then, players may be able to beam Nintendo 3DS game to a television via wireless network and control the game using an Xbox One controller, Venture Beat reported. Note that Nintendo 3DS include "Mario Kart 7" and "The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D," among others.

The Nintendo 3DS should be running a custom firmware for this to work. Moreover, the NTR homebrew software and Input Redirection must also be installed on the Nintendo 3DS. It should be noted that a steady internet connection is needed as the whole process may have to be done all over again if connection fails.  Watch the whole process here:


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