'For Honor' Displays Error Messages In Multiplayer; There's Better Alternative To Blocking

By Ben Lindon , Updated Feb 17, 2017 08:36 AM EST

"For Honor" is currently experiencing server issues which currently impede many gamers to join multiplayer games. The top error messages include vague language such as 'matchmaking failed', 'group leader only' and 'requirements not met'. Ubisoft is yet to comment on the issues but are expected to fix them soon.

Error Messages Now in the Rising Section of Google Trends

It is unclear how widespread these issues are affecting. However, the error messages are now more common among "For Honor" players than necessary. Just this week, the top five "For Honor" search terms found in the "Rising" portion of Google Trends all have to do with network errors and other technical problems, Mic reported.

It appears that these types of server-related issues being spotted in new online gamers are more common. For instance, Ubisoft just delayed certain online multiplayer features for the open world sequel of "Watch Dogs" because of server issues.

"For Honor" gamers have opted to address the issues by restarting the game along with the modem or router. Apparently, if it is not a connection issue, gamers may just have to wait for Ubisoft to fix the errors. In the meantime, "For Honor" gamers are open to play in the single player campaign.

Experts Dish Out Strategies On How To Win More Duels

In other news, "For Honor" is said to be a game of precision, quick reflexes and smart decision, Forbes reported. Hence, it is important that players learn how to parry and push effectively and learning the special moves. First off, instead of blocking, parry by guarding in the direction of the attack and throw a heavy attack when the arrow starts to flash.

"For Honor" players may be at an advantage by parrying but it needs practice against the AI until fluent. For pushing, note that Raider and Lawbringer may send enemies over a longer distance than most characters with shields.  In addition, "For Honor" players may get an advantage from learning the special moves of their characters before heading off to a duel.  Watch a multiplayer error fix here:


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