Nintendo EShop Feb. 23 Releases For Wii U Include Excellent Graphics 'Forma.8'; NES Classic Mini Back In Stock

By Mia P. , Updated Feb 25, 2017 02:42 AM EST

Nintendo eShop currently has nothing for Nintendo 3DS gamers at the moment. However, Wii U gamers now have "Harvest Moon 64" and a couple more games recently launched on the console. In the meantime, those who opt to get the Nintendo NES Classic Mini may have to hurry to get one as both Argos and Amazon have noted limited stocks of the console.

Wii U eShop Rolls Out New Releases Pre Nintendo Switch Launch

All eyes are on the Nintendo Switch now with its imminent release on Mar. 3 and a number of game titles being confirmed for the console. In the meantime, the Wii U eShop bravely continues to release four new titles this week, Thumbsticks reported. The pick of the bunch is said to be "forma.8" which has been praised for its beautiful graphics in the MetroidVania style.

The developers of the game, Mixed Bag also promised a huge, exploratory adventure for Nintendo gamers. The game allows players to go through ancient civilizations on a life or death mission to recover a lost energy source. Note that those who downloaded the Nindies@Home demo may get a discount for the £13.49 "forma.8" until Mar. 23.

In addition, the Nintendo eShop also launched the farming and family simulation game "Harvest Moon 64" that originally launched on the Nintendo 64 in 1999. The game costs £8.99 similar to "Vaccine" which also launched this week.

Furthermore, those on a budget may opt to get Wall Ball for £1.39. On the other hand, even with zero new games launched on the Nintendo 3DS, Swapdoodle players may pick up several "Legend of Zelda" DLCs this week.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini Still Selling Out Fast

In other news, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini is back in stock across the UK and is said to be selling out fast. Moreover, GAME, Tesco, and Smyths also sell the retro gaming console. However, Argos has confirmed that it only has a very limited number of the Nintendo retro gaming console in stock, Dailystar UK reported.

Nintendo NES Classic Mini rumors also began circulating that the company would cease production. However, the rumors were debunked when several UK retailers started selling a large number of the console in stock.

Nintendo UK representative also revealed that production for the console continues and Nintendo Europe will continue to ship units to retail stores on a regular basis. Watch the "forma.8" on Wii U gameplay below:


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